About me


  • I am an applied mathematician committed to understanding the mathematical structure of natural sciences, with a specific focus on quantum physics.
  • My main interests lie in developing fundamental theories, advanced and robust computational methods, as well as practical and sophisticated software to solve the quantum many-body problem and to predict the behaviors of matter of scientific and technological interest. Please see the Research page for details.

  • I am currently a graduate student at the University of Chicago.

  • I received my dual Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Chemistry with highest honors from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I worked with Prof. Tao Xiang and Prof. Qiang Shi.

Recent news

  • The paper Low Rank Green’s Function Representations Applied to Dynamical Mean-Field Theory has been posted to the Arxiv! In this work we show that via a low rank decomposition, only 20-30 Matsubara frequency nodes are necessary for the Dyson equation solver of the dynamical mean-field theory, compared to 2000 which is typically used. Thanks to all of my collaborators at the Flatiron Institute, Simons Foundation!
  • The paper Quantum Simulations of Fermionic Hamiltonians with Efficient Encoding and Ansatz Schemes has been posted to the Arxiv! Focusing on quantum simulations of Fermionic Hamiltonians on a quantum computer, we show a substantial improvement in the scaling of circuit gate counts and a decrease in the number of required variational parameters.
  • The paper Quantum Embedding Theories to Simulate Condensed Systems on Quantum Computers has been published by Nature Computational Science (7/25/2022)! It is aimed at discussing different embedding theories and the perspective for their simulations on quantum computers.
  • I gave an exciting talk in the APS March meeting 2022 on solving the double counting issue in quantum defect embedding theory (3/15/2022)! See the slides here. I also contribute to Dr. Christian Vorwerk’s talk on the application of the embedding theory to oxides. See the slides here.
  • The paper Green’s Function Formulation of Quantum Defect Embedding Theory has been published by Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (6/1/2022)! It is aimed at solving the double counting issue in quantum defect embedding theory.
  • I gave an exciting talk as the end of my experience (8/13/2021)! See the slides here. I will work remotely with colleagues to finish the project.
  • I just start an internship at Flatiron Institute, working with Dr. Olivier Parcollet, Dr. Jason Kaye and Dr. Kun Chen (6/3/2021).