About me


  • I am an applied mathematician committed to understanding the mathematical structure of natural sciences, with a specific focus on quantum physics.
  • My main interests lie in developing fundamental theories, advanced and robust computational methods, as well as practical and sophisticated software to solve the quantum many-body problem and to predict the behaviors of matter of scientific and technological interest. Please see the Research page for details.

  • I am currently a graduate student at the University of Chicago.

  • I have collaborative connections with Prof. Yuehaw Khoo at the University of Chicago, Prof. Joonho Lee at Harvard University, and Dr. Jason Kaye, Dr. Kun Chen, Dr. Olivier Parcollet, Dr. Alexander Hampel, Dr. Sophie Beck as well as Dr. Nils Wentzell at the Center for Computational Quantum Physics, Flatiron Institute.

  • I received my dual Bachelor’s degree in Physics and Chemistry with highest honors from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, where I worked with Prof. Tao Xiang and Prof. Qiang Shi.

Recent news

  • The paper Quantum simulations of Fermionic Hamiltonians with efficient encoding and ansatz schemes has been posted to the Arxiv! Focusing on quantum simulations of Fermionic Hamiltonians on a quantum computer, we show a substantial improvement in the scaling of circuit gate counts and a decrease in the number of required variational parameters.
  • The paper Quantum embedding theories to simulate condensed systems on quantum computers has been published by Nature Computational Science (7/25/2022)! It is aimed at discussing different embedding theories and the perspective for their simulations on quantum computers.
  • I gave an exciting talk in the APS March meeting 2022 on solving the double counting issue in quantum defect embedding theory (3/15/2022)! See the slides here. I also contribute to Dr. Christian Vorwerk’s talk on the application of the embedding theory to oxides. See the slides here.
  • The paper Green’s function formulation of quantum defect embedding theory has been published by Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (6/1/2022)! It is aimed at solving the double counting issue in quantum defect embedding theory.
  • I gave an exciting talk as the end of my experience (8/13/2021)! See the slides here. I will work remotely with colleagues to finish the project.
  • I just start an internship at Flatiron Institute, working with Dr. Olivier Parcollet, Dr. Jason Kaye and Dr. Kun Chen (6/3/2021).